About Us

Peachy Zen is your go-to hub for learning how to bring more zen to your life.

Welcome to Peachy Zen, your ultimate destination for discovering and embracing a more zen-filled life.

Our platform offers a diverse range of practices, including various styles of yoga, pilates, and meditation. Additionally, we curate a selection of products designed to infuse tranquility and harmony into your daily routine.

Peachy Zen was born out of a deep desire to slow down, appreciate the little things, and uncover moments of zen in every aspect of our lives. In a world that constantly demands our attention and energy, we believe it is essential to carve out time for inner peace and self-care.

Our mission is to guide you on this journey, empowering you to cultivate serenity and find joy in the simplest of moments, each and every day.

Woman holding her gratitude journal with a landscape of water and rocks behind her

Our team of writers and contributors

Let’s meet our talented team of writers who aim to bring in-depth thoughts and share their experiences with journaling, yoga, and finding more zen. Follow the team to learn more about them.

Jen from Peachy Zen photo
Chief dreamer, writer and journaler
Jen Smith

Jen’s been designing and writing in the creative space for over two decades now. The many years of relentless back-to-back deadlines left her burnout and needing a break.

She’s also run a sustainable stationery brand for nearly a decade and has learned everything and anything there is to know about journals, notebooks and choosing the perfect surface for writing things down.

Peachy Zen is a space to breathe, explore and learn about all the hacks to bring more zen to each and every day!

Jen enjoys writing about burnout, journaling and finding more zen!

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Glen Foreman author
Guest writer and journaler

Glen Foreman

Glen Foreman is an award-winning journalist who now works in communications, but his real passion is in supporting people in becoming who they want to be.

He founded boutique publishing company FFPress to self-publish his late father’s biography, which became a bestseller in Australia, before developing and printing Story of My Life Journal, an undated 12-month evidence-based daily journaling system designed to support people in living their best life.

Peachy Zen began as a means of slowing down, enjoying the small things, but also challenging us to find slices of zen (of joy!) each and every day.